Interpretive Trail Panels

The original project merged with a signage project from Tuolumne County Parks & Rec which resulted in five kiosk panels and five smaller trail signs. This decision insured that the signage for both projects would be consistent. The material chosen for the panels was novalloy anodized aluminum. Besides the durability of metal, these signs would enhance the theme of "Working on the Railroad".

Kiosk 1

kiosk 1
Once you walk down the stairs at the parking lot you will be welcomed to the trail by the first kiosk. Take a few moments to study this kiosk so that your hike will be an enjoyable experience. Welcome to the West Side Rails Trail give you an overview of the trail and what to expect. This Is Our Neighborhood reminds visitors that this is a shared trail. It's offers great ideas for good stewardship of the trail.

Kiosk 2

kiosk 2
Not far down the path you will come upon a three-panel kiosk. Before starting your journey on this historic trail, imagine what it was like at the West Side Lumber - a real Game Changer. To help you do this, story-based interpretive panels were designed. With the theme of Workin' On the Railroad, you will get a strong sense of how it was The Currency of Hope and Calculated Risk.

You are now ready to begin what will hopefully be a day of exploring the beauty of this trail, with a better sense of how remarkable the history that echos across the canyon on the afternoon breeze or the chatter of the blue jays. Down this path there are five more interpretive panels, each telling a different story of the hard-working people who labored in the forest.

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