The West Side Trail, just outside Tuolumne, California, has been enjoyed by local residents and visitors for many years. In 2012, several agencies joined together to create interpretive panels that would provide visitors a glimpse of the history that makes this trail so special. Those who explore this trail know it was from a former railroad. A few hikers may even know it was a narrow-gauge railway from the glory days of the West Side Lumber Company. But only a handful of visitors can tell you of the rich tales that this trail holds.

West Side Trail

What is the West Side Trail?

The West Side Trail was once the lifeblood of the West Side Lumber Company from early 1900s to its final logging season in 1960. Now a favorite hiking trail for residents and visitors to Tuolumne, this trail has become eligible for National Historic of Historic Places because of it uniquely reflects the historically significant logging operation that prospered here.

The Trail Signs

Our hope is that the interpretive trail signs will stir visitors' imagination connecting them with the lives of people in the past...the West Side Lumber Company workers. Local Me-Wuks and lumbermen alike valued this land for different reasons. All experienced a life, that while often very hard, molded this area into what we see today.