The Design Team

A design team was formed with Kath Christensen and Pam Connors along with four computer graphics interns from Columbia College. Beginning in October of 2012, the team took numerous field trips to the trail and the Tuolumne City Museum, making sure their research was accurate and that the story told in the panels provided a true picture of the railroad's history.

Design and Research Team

With so much published about the West Side trail, it was important to them that pictures and stories used were not duplicates of other publications if possible. The design team set out on a mission to connect trail users to authentic stories about people who worked on the railroad and to deepen their understanding of the cultural heritage reflected by the old railroad grade. To help with this endeavor, the team sought help from Ed Sieckert and Art Kauppi, avid West Side Trail enthusiasts.

Design team meeting
  • Pam Connors - Historian and Team Leader
  • Kath Christensen - Lead Designer and Team Leader
  • Pat Jennings - Graphic Designer and Map Design Specialist
  • Lori Klingberg - Photo Restoration Expert and Research Specialist
  • Bambi Papais - Artist and Graphic Designer
  • Carolyn Tuck - Graphic Designer and Web Designer

Each member brought unique talents to the team and through their collaboration designed these panels that generations to come will enjoy as they hike the trail.